Recently, there has been a popular variety show about career women. With over 30,000 people on Douban giving it a rating of 9.6, viewers from various platforms have been going crazy over it. Some viewers say that they “can’t calm down for a long time,” while others leave a poignant comment: “If I had grown up watching these female elders.” It’s not an exaggeration to say that no one has ever attempted to film women like this before. You may have already heard its name –

Sisters Who Make Waves

“The Call of the Siren: Survival Battle on Fire Island”.

In most people’s stereotypes, women should work in a sedentary office job, looking delicate and composed. Previous female variety shows and workplace dramas also tend to present them as always well-groomed and confident. Therefore, many netizens were surprised when they first saw “The Call of the Siren”: this reality show actually invited female firefighters, female police officers, female soldiers, female security guards, female special effects actors, and female athletes, showing the other side of women in a real way. imgimgimgimgimg
They need to fight for survival on a remote island, facing all kinds of challenges. Despite the tough conditions, this show is so captivating that you can’t stop watching. Here, nobody cares about the women’s age or appearance, and there’s no discussion of relationships or balancing work and family. Instead, everyone takes pride in their exceptional professional skills and abilities, earning respect for their expertise. These women have torn down the stereotype of being weak and fragile, showing their wild side by trekking through the mountains and facing off against serial killers in court. They exude an aura of absolute dominance and intimidation.
img These women are fearless and willing to walk through hell: “There is no safe scene.” “If there is hell, it looks like a fire scene.” img They face death head-on time and time again. “We are often thrown into chaos, hit by cars, fall from high places, and burned by fire…” But, “I never wanted to quit because of danger.” These are the strengths that exist in the bodies of real women but are not often reported in the media. For the first time, they are presented positively, extensively, and prominently in the entertainment world. For example, have you ever seen a variety show that arranges a wood-chopping competition for girls? Have you ever seen a program where the audience hears a “rooster crow” while watching women chop wood: “Dumplings need to be eaten hot, and women need to love strong men!” img It is these 24 women who have made countless people realize that not only are they physically strong and fit, but they are also unafraid to face danger.
Women can chop wood with an axe, piece by piece, as long as they master the technique. Even if they don’t have a large build, they can still swing an axe and split wood. For some girls who don’t want to be labeled as “virtuous and gentle,” “exquisite and cute,” or “soft and slender,” this scene is so inspiring: it turns out that girls can also be strong and muscular, and can be tough and resilient. These women on variety shows help female viewers see a possibility that belongs to us: even if not all women are good at “using force,” being not good at it does not mean we cannot do it or should be erased. It’s just like these six professional women, not everyone can win the survival battle in their respective fields. But you can never ignore the professional glory that can be seen in these women.
Why is “The Call of the Sea Monster: Survival Battle on Fire Island” considered a variety show about professional women? It’s because they are all in a harsh survival game, relying on their instincts to fight. You can easily tell what each person’s profession is. For example, when someone realizes that their location is not safe and could become a target, who would immediately mobilize the entire team to investigate the environment in the dark instead of staying to guard the base? Oh, it must be a police officer. Because the phrase “sitting and waiting for death” does not exist in their dictionary. Who would go for a run to burn some calories before visiting a neighbor? It must be an athlete, as controlling calories is their traditional skill. And then there are the universally recognized fire-making novices – the firefighters. They are usually busy putting out fires and have not learned how to start one: “How do forest fires start?” “My anger is not ignited, but my heart is.” But once they are called to put out a fire, they will fight with all their dignity, and if they lose, they won’t go home!
Four female firefighters charged forward with the word “courage” in their hearts. After their first charge, they successfully eliminated the first two “heads” in the program. Later, they formed an alliance with another group and charged ahead without hesitation, ignoring their own weaknesses. Why don’t they hesitate or think twice? Because they are firefighters. It is precisely because they always have the courage to move forward that they can rush into a fire like hell to extinguish it and save lives. It is also their decisive actions that buy time for rescue efforts. Therefore, no matter what the final outcome is, they can face it with dignity and live up to their professional motto of “always be on the front line.”

Upon closer inspection, it’s not just the four members of the firefighting team who shoulder a sense of professional duty in the “Island of Fire Survival Battle.” All 24 girls here can inspire goosebumps with a single sentence: “I’m not a beauty queen, I’m a criminal investigator.” “I protect everyone who comes to the court.” “We are the top 0.01% of elites in South Korea.” “Winning means having no blood or tears.”

In the past, whether in news or film and television works, women in professions such as firefighters, security guards, and special effects actors were considered rare. However, this variety show bluntly tells everyone that rare species can shine brightly, and there are infinite possibilities for women in their careers.
Some people say that watching this variety show has brought back the excitement they felt when watching TVB dramas, where female characters challenged their worldview. Women are no longer portrayed as weak, seductive, or prone to drama, but as strong, self-disciplined, and righteous. It would be great if, in ten years, children who grew up watching this show could say, “I’m so glad I had her as my idol when I was young.” Image source/
“The Call of the Sea Monster: Survival Battle on the Island of Fire”
Written and Edited by: Muxikou
Responsible Editor: 88 & Honey
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