In the past 13 years, fumi kun has not worked a single day. You would never guess that he is a “super soft rice man” who relies on his seven girlfriends to support him and saves 15 million yen (about 770,000 yuan) in living expenses.

At first glance, even the host couldn't believe it: who would support him?

The program group’s guests even made an official comment: compared to the impression of a soft rice man, he is too “simple.”

However, since graduating from university, he has always lived in the houses of each girlfriend. Even the rent, utilities, and other living expenses were paid by his girlfriends.

Although he lives off his girlfriend, Fumi has no guilt about it.Despite not working and spending his girlfriend’s money, Fumi has been proposed to by multiple girlfriends over the past 13 years!

Seeing this, netizens collectively roll their eyes and ask, “What makes you so special?”

But after learning about his experiences, you might think that he deserves to live off his girlfriend.

To figure out how he managed to live off his girlfriend for so many years, the production team decided to visit Fumi’s home and film his daily life.

As a professional “soft rice man,” Fumi has established 10 principles for himself as a soft rice man.


Principle 1: Must be able to cook

To win a woman’s heart, you must win her stomach.Fumi’s golden rule is: “For a soft rice man, it’s not about eating, it’s about cooking.”

Now, he prepares his girlfriend’s three meals a day.

He is very skilled in cooking, and his dishes are delicate and delicious, whether they are Japanese or Western cuisine.
Apart from cooking according to his girlfriend’s taste and preferences, he also spends time improving his cooking skills in various ways, such as using miso to cook blue fish to make it more delicious for his girlfriend who doesn’t like fish. For example, when cooking potatoes, he fries them first and then bakes them to add layers of flavor, and he also studies how to reduce calories to help his girlfriend maintain her figure.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, while his girlfriend is still sleeping, Fumi starts to prepare breakfast and lunch for her in the kitchen. This operation actually hides his little trick.

Fumi said: “Girls need time to play with their phones and put on makeup in the morning, so time is tight.”

When his girlfriend wakes up and sees a table full of food already prepared, not only does it make her happy, but it also saves time from going out. This will earn him extra points in his girlfriend’s heart.

These kinds of details are almost everywhere when he spends time with his girlfriend.

Principle 3: Consider your girlfriend fully

A girl will definitely not publicly declare that she is supporting a man who is not self-sufficient, so hiding your true situation is necessary.

Sometimes, he will deliberately put some frozen food in the lunch box, making it look like his girlfriend made it in a hurry.

This way, in the eyes of her colleagues, his girlfriend is a very hardworking and good cook.


Today, Fumi made French toast.

The timing of waking up his girlfriend is also important.

He wakes her up when the butter is melting and the aroma is in the air.

Not missing any opportunity to create a good impression is one of Fumi’s principles.


Principle 4: Personally send your girlfriend to work every day

After breakfast with his girlfriend, he helps her carry her bag and escorts her to the subway station for work.

Principle 5: Take care of household chores and keep the house clean and tidy.

As soon as Fumi gets home, he starts doing household chores.

Washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning the toilet…

He is as meticulous as a professional cleaner, even using cotton swabs to clean the gaps in the floor.


Moreover, he cleans the room according to his girlfriend’s preferences and habits.

Fumi determines his girlfriend’s daily routines through chatting and observation.

Otherwise, he might clean the places that his girlfriend doesn’t want him to clean, causing unintended consequences.


After finishing the chores, Fumi picks up his game console and starts to relax.


From game consoles and watches to televisions, they were all bought by his girlfriend.

However, Fumi also has his own principles when it comes to spending money on his girlfriend.

That is principle 6: never actively let his girlfriend spend money.

For example, with this Switch game console, he refused his girlfriend’s offer to buy it for him 20 times before finally accepting.

Fumi says he doesn’t want his girlfriend to spend money recklessly, so he never asks her to buy him things. He believes that if his girlfriend saves her money, it’s like saving his own money.

In the afternoon, Fumi likes to go for a run or scuba dive by the beach, doing activities he enjoys.

As a professional “soft rice man,” managing his physique is also a must.

After exercising, he likes to enjoy some alone time at a beachside café.

Principle 7: Spend small amounts of money on his girlfriend.

Fumi often uses the small amounts of money he earns from playing games or writing to buy his girlfriend a Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Providing these small surprises from time to time usually makes his girlfriend very satisfied.Every day when his girlfriend finishes work, he goes to the train station to pick her up, rain or shine, just to give her a sense of ceremony when she comes home.

Principle 9: Be a sounding board for your girlfriend and listen to her vent about work.

When his girlfriend comes home, he prepares her toiletries and helps her take a shower. After that, Fumi prepares a delicious dinner and listens to his girlfriend vent about work while they eat.

Fumi believes that his girlfriend must be under a lot of pressure at work. Therefore, it is important to be a safe space for her to vent and provide her with appropriate comfort and encouragement.



Principle 10: Give your girlfriend a massage before bed and help her fall asleep.

Before bed, Fumi gives his girlfriend a full-body massage to help her relax and relieve the day’s fatigue. Finally, he cuddles with her and slowly helps her fall asleep.

After reading about Fumi’s daily life, netizens commented:

“He deserves to be pampered like this!”

“Where can I find a boyfriend like him? Take my money!”

If you do the math carefully, Fumi only spent a little over 700,000 yuan on his girlfriends in 13 years, which averages to just over 50,000 yuan per year, or less than 5,000 yuan per month.

It’s worth noting that finding a nanny alone would cost more than this, let alone the fact that Fumi is a full-time personal butler, emotional regulator, and masseur.


Although many netizens recognize Fumi’s value, he has always faced many prejudices and doubts.

In the face of various misunderstandings, Fumi has his own views:

“There are many people in this world, and it is impossible for everyone to understand each other.”

Two people can have a chemical reaction, but no one can be 100% compatible with you, nor can anyone understand you 100%.


He likes to communicate with people, but he doesn’t like being in crowds.

Since he was young, Fumi has felt uncomfortable with the lifestyle of working outside and has always felt that he is not suitable for work.


He doesn’t care what others think, nor does he get angry or upset because he is disliked by the majority.
Compared to wasting time on people who have no connection with him for a lifetime, he would rather cherish his girlfriend, family, and friends.

“My remaining life, I only want to live with those who are compatible with me.”

“I am a man, but I am not arrogant. I don’t think that not going out to make money, doing housework for my partner, or other things are a loss of dignity.”

He has never been confined to traditional ideas of love.

Although Fumi has never worked, he has his own interests and hobbies.

He loves to travel and has traveled to different countries with his ex-girlfriends.

While traveling in India, he occasionally drew murals in cafes to earn some living expenses.

Mural painted by Fumi-kun

Over the years, Fumi-kun has maintained writing as a side job, although he doesn’t earn much from it.

He even wrote a book about his “13 years of parasitic living” – “The Theory of Escaping Happiness by Parasitizing for 13 Years”.


Fumi-kun’s lifestyle may not be acceptable to most people.

But at least he can live in harmony with himself.

From another perspective, he may not have been able to support himself through work, but he has already achieved the ultimate in taking care of his partner’s role and identity.


The so-called “parasitic man” is someone who takes his partner’s money for granted and expects others to take care of him like a lord.

But Fumi-kun is just a very responsible househusband.


If his lifestyle is despised by others, it may not be due to his own shortcomings, but rather a social concept that is bound by gender roles.