What to Do When You Feel Like a Loser?

The other day, a colleague next to me said, “I feel like such a loser!” Work, love, life, relationships… it seems like every aspect of life is mediocre. It reminded me of when I was a child and my parents, teachers, and distant relatives would ask, “What is your dream?” Scientist, mathematician, astronaut… the answers I gave at the time now seem too young and too simple. As I’ve grown older (and been constantly beaten down by society), I’ve slowly come to accept the fact that the end of the universe is just being a corporate slave.

Although we may occasionally feel like losers, even if we are, we are still trying our best (trying to live our lives…). So, we have put together a guide to surviving as a loser, so let’s take a look.

Bro, What to Do When Post-Breakup Syndrome Recurs

The beginning of a relationship can be so sweet, but the end can be so painful. When you break up, you may feel high and mighty, swearing to cut ties with your ex. You may think you’ve moved on from the emotional shadow of the relationship, but then the post-breakup syndrome hits you again in the middle of the night, and seeing your ex’s posts on social media pushes you to the brink of collapse…

Pain is inevitable, but ultimately, you have to save yourself. Eva Mallye created a beautiful magazine called “Crying in The Club,” mixing her real-life post-breakup experiences with creative writing. Surprisingly, it went viral on Instagram. Perhaps you can find resonance and comfort in this “breakup self-help manual.”


It’s been 234 days since we broke up, and yes, I’m still counting our days.


You haven’t asked me how I’ve been doing lately.


But I still can’t help looking…

People going through a breakup need an emotional outlet. Eva’s comics cover many themes related to female friendship. Among all the complicated relationships, female friendship has always been a special existence. I wrote an article before about “Female Friendship: The Courage to Become a Pink Girl.” When you break up, your girlfriends seem to curse your ex even more fiercely than you do. After all, boyfriends come and go, but girlfriends are forever.

Although this magazine is not Eva’s autobiography, many of the stories are based on her real experiences. “I have cried for my ex in a club before, and I have randomly asked girls in a bar to help me wipe away my tears,” she said. Eva wants everyone to know that the sweetness of life is not just about love, but we can also find love and support from friendship and socializing.

Embarrassed to the point of digging out a three-room apartment with your toes, what should you do?

In life, we inevitably encounter some small situations. These situations may be harmless, but they make us want to evaporate from the planet and disappear. This is embarrassment. Embarrassment exists in our lives all the time, from the silence that hangs in the air to the social death that occurs in crowded places. Nata Metlukh recorded these embarrassing moments in people’s lives and turned them into a collection of short films. In this film, she uses playful and absurd methods to show people’s socially awkward day.

Well, as long as I’m not embarrassed, embarrassment is someone else’s problem.

Two images of the short filmTwo images of the short film

The segments chosen by Nata Metlukh are situations that most people encounter in their lives, but she doesn’t just want to record them simply. The film conveys a warm empathy and encourages the audience to laugh at their own social incompetence in an entertaining way. Whether it’s being rejected by your crush on WeChat for the first time, starting an awkward conversation with a stranger, or accidentally sending a selfie to your work group, when faced with these embarrassing moments, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “So what!”

What to Do When You Don’t Want to Work

Who among us working folks hasn’t gone crazy? On the surface, everything seems calm, but inside we’re all screaming. If you’re tired of feeling like a machine at work, take a break and check out the fun illustrations by Nata Metlukh!

at the lake

Rumor has it that small animals in parks and pools are the perfect companions for a hot summer day.

home office

Who wouldn’t want a little kitty to snuggle up with while working?


Can’t the weekends for working folks be extended indefinitely?

intercontinental flight vs internet

As shown in the picture, need we say more?

Nata Metlukh’s stories provide a fresh perspective on everyday life through absurd and unfamiliar concepts. For Nata, illustrations are a powerful medium. Before drawing, she explores her own thoughts and ideas, often starting with sketches of “interesting or strange” situations, and then processing them in her mind to create a complete story.

After seeing these illustrations, you may have realized that life can be full of unlucky, embarrassing, and boring moments. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution like a math equation, you can always find a way to survive in your own way. We hope this guide to surviving as a working stiff can give you some inspiration and insight.All images used with permission.