Recently, the movie “She Vanished” has become very popular. The wife’s experience in the film has left female viewers feeling horrified, and some have even said that it “cured their love addiction.”

Poster of the movie “The Vanished Woman”
Behind the terrifying and twisted plot lies a true story, the Chinese pregnant woman who fell off a cliff in Thailand, which once caused a sensation both at home and abroad.
On June 2, 2023, the third trial of the “Chinese pregnant woman falling off a cliff in Thailand” case was announced, becoming a hot topic of public concern. Yu Xiaodong, who intentionally killed his wife in Thailand to defraud insurance, was sentenced to 33 years and 4 months in prison.
After 4 years and 3 trials, the victim Wang Nuannuan finally saw justice served.

img● Wang Nuannuan, the person involved in the “Chinese pregnant woman falling off a cliff in Thailand” case
What kind of warning did this vicious case sound for young people?

Wang Nuannuan’s marriage to Yu Xiaodong was never a good match from the beginning.
Once upon a time, Wang Nuannuan was seen as a successful woman by everyone.
She was smart and generous, started her own business in Thailand, and built up a family fortune through her own efforts. Yu Xiaodong, on the other hand, was just an unemployed drifter covered in tattoos who had spent 12 years in prison for his crimes.

The only thing he could boast about was his handsome appearance. He not only had a bad reputation, but was also a compulsive gambler who owed a lot of debts

Therefore, he searched for a reliable target, hoping to find a female “sugar mama” to solve his financial problems.
After meeting Wang Nuannuan at a party, he noticed that she had a lot of assets. He then identified her as his “prey” and spent three years studying her social media to gain a full understanding of her interests and hobbies. He then launched a fierce pursuit of her.
Wang Nuan Nuan and Yu Xiao Dong

Yu Xiao Dong carefully disguised himself according to Wang Nuan Nuan’s preferences shown in her circle of friends, giving himself a gentlemanly image. Wang Nuan Nuan had never seen such a display before. She had been working alone for years, and the wandering in a foreign country had made her taste the loneliness. Now that there was such a man crazily pursuing her, she couldn’t help but be moved.

Not long after, the two got married in a flash.


Wang Nuan Nuan and Yu Xiao Dong’s marriage certificate

After the marriage, Yu Xiao Dong seemed to have changed. He was addicted to games all day long and ignored Wang Nuan Nuan. Even once, when Wang Nuan Nuan fell down the stairs, he didn’t stop playing his game.

However, Wang Nuan Nuan wanted to try to influence her husband.

Not only did she help Yu Xiao Dong pay off his 500,000 yuan gambling debt, but she also gave him a company to manage.


However, Yu Xiao Dong had no intention of running the company well and remained unchanged in his ways.

Once, he disappeared and took away 5 million yuan from the company, heading straight to the casino to gamble it all away.

A week later, he lost all 5 million yuan and returned home. Faced with his wife’s questioning, Yu Xiao Dong cried and begged for forgiveness on his knees.

In the end, Wang Nuan Nuan chose to forgive him, but Yu Xiao Dong was not influenced by his wife.

It is difficult for a gambler to wash his hands of his past and change his ways. In order to get more money, he came up with a “permanent solution”.
One day, Yu Xiaodong suggested taking his wife, Wang Nuannuan, to a forest park in Thailand for a trip. He told his wife, who was already five months pregnant, that he had always had a dream of watching the sunrise with his loved one.

Wang Nuannuan was very happy, thinking that Yu Xiaodong had turned over a new leaf and eagerly packed her bags to set off. On June 7, 2019, they arrived in Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand. The next day, Yu Xiaodong couldn’t wait to take Wang Nuannuan to the forest park.

Wang Nuannuan thought that this was the place where they were going to watch the sunrise together. Little did she know that at a deserted cliff, Yu Xiaodong suddenly turned vicious and said to her, “Go die,” and then pushed her off the cliff.

Wang Nuannuan fell heavily, but miraculously survived the 34-meter fall from the cliff. During the fall, she was caught by a large tree, which saved her life, but she suffered multiple fractures and serious injuries.

At the bottom of the deserted cliff, Wang Nuannuan lay quietly for an hour. Just as she was falling into despair, a woman seemed to have dropped from the sky, found her, and notified the staff.

Wang Nuannuan was rescued, but miraculously, no one could find the “savior” again, and there was no surveillance video. Even today, this mysterious woman has not appeared.

After Wang Nuannuan was taken to the hospital, Yu Xiaodong arrived soon after. Because he was Wang Nuannuan’s husband, the relevant department informed him to come and take care of her.

But who would have thought that he was actually the real culprit who plotted to murder his wife?
After seeing Wang Nuannuan, Yu Xiaodong showed off his acting skills. He first pretended to be concerned in a foreign language, trying to deceive the medical staff present. Then, he threatened and intimidated Wang Nuannuan in Chinese, warning her not to speak out of turn.

Wang Nuannuan calmly thought that the most urgent matter was to save her own life, so as to avoid Yu Xiaodong from attacking her again. Therefore, she had to pretend to be obedient and follow her husband’s words.

It wasn’t until the fourth day of hospitalization, under Wang Nuannuan’s constant show of weakness and pleading, that Yu Xiaodong finally agreed to notify a mutual friend of theirs to come over.

Wang Nuannuan secretly told the truth to this friend and asked for help. Shocked, the friend secretly recorded their conversation. In the conversation, Yu Xiaodong admitted that he was the one who pushed Wang Nuannuan off the cliff.

On the fifth day, when Yu Xiaodong went out to buy breakfast, Wang Nuannuan found an opportunity and quickly asked the medical staff around her to help her call the police.

When Yu Xiaodong walked back into the hospital room, the police arrested him.

After learning of the incident, Yu Xiaodong’s mother scolded Wang Nuannuan, “You didn’t die, why did you call the police to arrest my son?” This was truly a case of “like mother, like son.”

After being arrested, Yu Xiaodong was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first trial. If nothing unexpected happens, this demon will spend the rest of his life in prison, which is well-deserved. However, something unexpected did happen.

After Yu Xiaodong insisted on appealing, the judge in the second trial changed his sentence to 10 years. The reason given by the judge was that Yu Xiaodong did not constitute intentional murder. The reason was absurd, as no murder weapons such as ropes or knives were found at the scene.
Everything that Yu Xiaodong did was not just to inherit Wang Nuan Nuan’s huge fortune. Before leaving for Thailand, he also bought personal accident insurance for Wang Nuan Nuan, with a payout limit of more than 300,000 yuan. The reason why he acted so urgently was because he had too many gambling debts. For this reason, he did not hesitate to kill his wife and unborn child, just to get the inheritance and insurance money to repay his debts.

If he had used knives and ropes, he would have easily been caught by the police, not only unable to get the insurance company’s payout, but also being caught and imprisoned. Therefore, Yu Xiaodong carefully planned and chose to push his wife off the cliff. And his actions actually became the reason for the judge’s lenient sentence, which is simply unbelievable.

It should be noted that the victim of this case, Wang Nuan Nuan, may never be able to heal from the pain she suffered. After falling off the cliff, Wang Nuan Nuan’s unborn child was still inside her, and some people say that the child protected her. But unfortunately, Wang Nuan Nuan’s injuries were too severe at the time, and due to too many surgeries later on, the child could not be saved.

For a mother, how sad this is!

Why did Yu Xiaodong choose to go to Thailand to kill his wife and commit insurance fraud? Based on the result of the second trial, netizens seem to have guessed the reason: compared to China, Thailand is too lenient on these heinous criminals.

Thailand is a Buddhist country, even government officials are influenced by Buddhist ideas, believing that killing is wrong, and if possible, criminals should not be sentenced to death.

In addition, Thailand’s monarchy also provides “life-saving talismans” for criminals.
Reasons for the Thai king to grant amnesty include the monarch’s coronation, major royal holidays, and the birthdays of royal family members. Once granted amnesty, the punishment can be significantly reduced. However, the power of the royal family does not protect innocent victims, but rather gives criminals a sense of impunity. This kind of judicial environment is disappointing. Some netizens even angrily commented, “This is simply a paradise for criminals, where they can kill without paying the price.”

Wang Nuan Nuan is an admirable woman. She suffered 17 fractures and had over 100 steel nails inserted into her body. After being discharged from the hospital, she persisted in rehabilitation and recovery treatments, despite the long and painful process. She always maintained an optimistic attitude. Even when faced with such an unjust verdict, she was able to quickly calm herself down. “I believe that justice may be delayed, but it will never be absent! I will appeal and fight for a fair verdict!”

If there is no appeal, there will be very serious consequences for society. Will potential criminals who are eager to act become more reckless when they see that the wicked are not being punished as they should be? Persisting in the appeal is not only to seek justice for oneself, but also to fight for a more just future for society.

Recently, in the third trial of the case, Yu Xiaodong was sentenced to 33 years and 4 months in prison for attempted murder. After four years of unremitting efforts, Wang Nuan Nuan finally sent her poisonous husband to prison with her own hands.

Now, Wang Nuan Nuan has learned to smile at life.

Wang Nuan Nuan said that despite being deeply hurt, she still believes in love and hopes to find true happiness in the future. Although her story is an extreme case, it still serves as a lesson for young people in their pursuit of love and marriage.

Here are some tips for choosing a partner:

  1. Always keep your eyes open and find out if the other person has a criminal record or debt.
  2. Don’t let sweet words and tricks blind you. Be cautious when it comes to love and marriage.
  3. Don’t try to change someone with love. Adults should learn to choose, not to educate others.
  4. Reject the idea of a one-sided marriage. Marriage should be based on equality, both spiritually and materially. If the relationship is unequal from the beginning, the marriage will eventually fail.

In conclusion, may everyone be loved and find their own happiness.