BEAMS is trying a new type of advertisement

If you’re a loyal reader of the Japanese magazine “POPEYE,” then you’re probably familiar with the fashion brand BEAMS.

BEAMS is often classified as a “trendy” brand, but its reach extends beyond just young people with a strong need for individuality. Its style goes beyond traditional “Japanese style,” and its sub-brands could fill up half a sheet of A4 paper: if you want to wear a gentlemanly suit, you can head straight to BEAMS F, which is creatively directed by Japanese fashion icon Shuhei Nishiguchi; if you want to find some Nordic-style bowls and dishes, you can choose BEAMS fennica, creatively directed by Terry Ellis and Keiko Kitamura; there’s even a sub-brand that provides services for school uniforms and wedding accessories.

For BEAMS, there are many ways to express the tension in clothing, and many ways to represent a boutique store. “BEAMS CULTUART,” launched at the end of 2022, is a new experimental field based on art and culture.

When announcing this project, BEAMS chose “new Communications” as the key phrase for its message.

So, what is the new way of communication? Well-known advertising planner Masahiko Sato believes that communication cannot always be simply summarized as “understood” or “not understood.” Most of the time, we are in a state of “although not quite clear, but still very clear,” which can correspond to various ordinary scenes in life. So, he led his team to produce a short film that cannot see the faces, hear the lines, or have any performance traces.

After watching this short film, do you feel confused and intrigued at the same time? This magical charm also won the Wood Pencil in the Art Direction category at the “D&AD Awards 2023,” and the judges gave the following reason for the award:

“Communication is one of the basic pleasures of life. ‘new Communications’ shows that there may be even more communication methods that we don’t know about yet.”

The production team broke down the expression of each chapter, but still continued the “mysterious and impressive” style.

Work #5 Chain Reaction:

“Although we don’t know what they’re conveying, their method of communication is very clear.”

Work #2 Certain Branches:

“Although we don’t know what they’re asking at the fork in the road, their method of classification is very clear.”

Work #7 Invisible Cloak:
Placed on a white cloth, it seems to provide protection from some kind of harm.

Artwork #4 Encounter of Arcs:

Couples always like to draw beautiful arcs while getting closer, but I don’t understand why it’s necessary to draw arcs.

Artwork #6 Welcome Method:

I understand how these people welcome a minority, but I don’t know why they have to welcome a minority.


Artwork #10 Grouping:

This is the moment when a group of people start moving in the same direction. Although I know that these people have some kind of common will, I don’t know what their will is.

Artwork #9 Let Others Do Your Thing:

I know that someone else has taken on the role of tying my shoelaces for me, but I don’t understand why I have to make someone else do such a troublesome thing.

Artwork #3 Method of Group Movement:

I know that the collective will move with the movement of a core man, but I don’t know why this movement is necessary.

In terms of composition and elements, we can see Masahiko Sato’s consistent interest in geometric shapes and rhythmic music, such as the “ballet rotoscope” in the work and the shadow of Issey Miyake’s opening show “My First Me”.


Meanwhile, this work, created by Masahiko Sato and the directorial duo “5-gatsu” consisting of Kentaro Hirase and Yutaro Seki from the “c-project” project, clearly injects new energy into the production techniques and expressive atmosphere, whether it’s performance art, abstract obscurity, or subtlety, it’s all a “very new advertisement”.

Can you understand the content of this advertisement?