“The Art Newspaper/Chinese Edition” is the Chinese version of the internationally authoritative art media “The Art Newspaper.” It was co-published by the Hypermedia Group (formerly Modern Media Group) and The Art Newspaper Ltd in 2013. Together with the other six language versions, it shares and expands the international art network, reporting on the trends of the Chinese and international art world for global Chinese readers, providing first-hand art news and exclusive analysis. The monthly publication of “The Art Newspaper/Chinese Edition,” the “iArt” app, and website updates showcase the comprehensive art ecology from art creation, museums, exhibitions to the art market, as well as the connections and development trends between art and society, culture, technology, and business.

2013 was also the year when the Chinese art world fully embraced globalization. The first Art Basel Hong Kong exhibition opened, and many private art museums in China were established before and after that. A large number of international exhibitions were introduced to China, and since then, many art fairs have emerged in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen. Contemporary art has become an important part of the cultural life of urban Chinese.

Since its founding, “The Art Newspaper/Chinese Edition” has been in a constantly expanding energy field. From the international art scenes of the Venice Biennale, Art Basel, New York Asian Art Week, to the opening of many domestic and foreign art museums and important solo exhibitions of artists, “The Art Newspaper/Chinese Edition” always speaks out at the first moment and is a witness to important art events in the Chinese-speaking world over the past decade.

Starting from the first international forum “Focus on China” in 2013, to planning nearly a hundred art lectures and forums such as “Museum Without Borders,” “Green Renaissance,” and “Creative Empowerment Series,” “The Art Newspaper/Chinese Edition” is also promoting the exchange of art with different fields, expanding the thinking map of art in contemporary times, and is an indispensable professional and authoritative voice with international vision and cultural integration ability in the Chinese art world.
In May 2013, Art News/Chinese Edition held an international forum with the theme “Focus on China” and celebrated its launch. Over the past three years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Art News/Chinese Edition and its counterparts in the Chinese art world have experienced a challenging time due to the severed connections between China and overseas. However, they have demonstrated resilience in overcoming difficult times. After China lifted its isolation measures in January 2023, the Basel Art Fair in Hong Kong will be the first stop for Art News/Chinese Edition to reconnect with the international art world.

In March 2023, Art News/Chinese Edition will return to Hong Kong and release a special issue to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The theme of the special issue is “RE:”, which reflects on the significant events that have occurred in the Chinese art world over the past decade in the fields of exhibitions, museums, and art markets. The special issue also includes a new edition of the “ART IN HK · Art Hong Kong” section, which is specially edited. Additionally, the Art News/Chinese Edition team will report live from the Basel Art Fair in Hong Kong, thus restarting a new cycle of rebuilding connections between China and the international art world.

The left image shows the cover of the first issue of Art News/Chinese Edition in March 2013, while the right image shows the cover of the special issue celebrating its tenth anniversary, which will be published in March 2023. The cover design showcases the accumulated achievements of the publications over the past decade.